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Type annotations for boto3#

Auto-generated documentation for boto3 type annotations package boto3-stubs.

Generated by mypy-boto3-builder.

How to install#

VSCode extension#

Add AWS Boto3 extension to your VSCode and run AWS boto3: Quick Start command.

Click Auto-discover services and select services you use in the current project.

From PyPI with pip#

Install boto3-stubs to add type annotations for boto3 package.

# install type annotations only for boto3
python -m pip install boto3-stubs

# install boto3 type annotations
# for ec2, s3, rds, lambda, sqs, dynamo and cloudformation
python -m pip install 'boto3-stubs[essential]'

# or install annotations for services you use
python -m pip install 'boto3-stubs[acm,apigateway]'

# or install annotations in sync with boto3 version
python -m pip install 'boto3-stubs[boto3]'

# or install all-in-one annotations for all services at once
python -m pip install 'boto3-stubs-full[boto3]'

# Lite version does not provide session.client/resource overloads
# it is more RAM-friendly, but requires explicit type annotations
python -m pip install 'boto3-stubs-lite[essential]'

From conda-forge#

Add conda-forge to your channels with:

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda config --set channel_priority strict

Once the conda-forge channel has been enabled, boto3-stubs and boto3-stubs-essential can be installed with:

conda install boto3-stubs boto3-stubs-essential

It is possible to list all of the versions of boto3-stubs available on your platform with:

conda search boto3-stubs --channel conda-forge

How to uninstall#

# uninstall boto3-stubs
python -m pip uninstall -y boto3-stubs